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+1 661-723-8466

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741 W Lancaster Blvd, Lancaster, CA, 93534

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700 mLancaster

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Horario local (Lancaster) 2:40 domingo, 5 de febrero de 2023

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20 opiniones sobre Pour D’ Vino

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Kelsey M.

Tu valoración: 5
Lancaster, CA

Love love love this place. The first time I ever went was on a Friday night. They had a live band and played awesome music.
The wine was amazing! Loved everything I tried. Most of the food was pretty good. I didn’t like 1 thing I ordered but not a big deal.
I’ve been back several times since. The wine, atmosphere and food are amazing. I crave that food and place all the time. Love it being right on the Blvd too. Makes it easy for all the other stores are nice and close.
I had no problem with customer service at all. The first time I went I had gotten a new girl. There was a few things that she was unsure about a few things which wasn’t a big deal at all. She was so nice. She took care of us. I highly recommend this place!
Oh and the chocolate cake is amazing!

A P.

Tu valoración: 2
Lancaster, CA

I wanted to love this place… But I just couldn’t. The customer service was non existent when I went. I didn’t feel confident ordering outside of my comfort zone due to the waitress being unenthusiastic and giving poor descriptions (I’ve had no issue spending $ 18 on a glass of wine when the server knows their products! Many places with higher price points also will offer a small taste if you’re on the fence about trying something new). Either way, I was willing to overlook the slow and dry service; however, I tried three tapas that were pretty disappointing. The bruschetta was OK in that it was unique; however, the calamari was all oily batter and lukewarm and the artichoke dip was not even worth eating.
I will say that I eventually found a glass of wine that was EXCELLENTBUT! I took a bottle home for $ 40 (like I said, I am willing to pay for a good experience and quality)… And a few weeks later, a friend directed me to Gino’s where I bought two bottles of the same wine for $ 54!
Although I love supporting small business and I’m all about wine and tapas, I have no desire to try anything else on their food menu, I was put off by the customer service in many ways, and I don’t see it being somewhere to get adventurous with wine. I’ll continue to go to barbacoa for a local wine spot, and out of town for true wine and tapas enjoyment. This place might be a novelty for the AV, but it falls short in all areas needed to grab me for another try

Michelle O.

(Video) Awkward Silence Does "Lights" at Pour D Vino

Tu valoración: 2
Covina, CA

What, a wine bar in the AV? I gotta see this for myself.
Really though, I don’t know why I was expecting so much.
I will agree with some of the other reviewers that the live music they play is unbearable loud. like, this isn’t a pub or a club, but I guess that goes with their modern and casual take on a wine place.
Considering the tiny portions, this place is crazy expensive! We ordered the artichoke dip, which came with 4 pieces of pita bread, thanks? Although the panini sandwiches were good, they were quite small. I ordered the Tuscan Chicken and my husband had The Italian.
Another reviewer put it well, save your money and go elsewhere.

Cel S.

Tu valoración: 5
Santa Monica, CA

The restaurant is amazing
First time there and will be back again, the company I was with really enjoyed themselves.
Our server Sarah was amazing!!!

Princess N Darren S.

Tu valoración: 5
Lancaster, CA

Great service, great food. Price is well below other Brazilian steak houses in the area, but food is ten times better. This will be my wife and I’s new spot to eat on date night!

Don G.

Tu valoración: 3
Quartz Hill, CA

Our friends recommended this place and was raving about the food and view. The ambience and service was great. Very romantic and a good place to hang out and catch up. So on our double date, we had ordered the following:
Calamari — a little too salty and too much breading
Crab cake — flavoring was really good but needs less breading
Bruschetta — awesome, loved the freshness of the sun dried tomatoes and the fresh parmigiana
Nautica — loved the idea of fresh pasta but didn’t like that it was not al dente. also wished it was more long fettuccine rather than cut into small pieces. food tasted great just the right amount of sauce and seafood.
Pork shank — the pork was a little overcooked for my taste.
Overall I will be back to try out new things on the menu and check out the view from upstairs.

Dawna B.

Tu valoración: 1
Quartz Hill, CA

Music too loud!
We stopped by after a movie to have a bite to eat and glass of wine with conversation.
Music should be in the background! Accompaniment to good meal and conversation, not so loud that you cannot speak above it.
Left to go elsewhere.

Jeannette M.

Tu valoración: 5
Las Vegas, NV

Had a wonderful lunch here on Sunday. Our waitress was wonderful, food was excellent, and the atmosphere was great. Awesome place to enjoy lunch on the boulevard!

Jason S.

Tu valoración: 4
Lancaster, CA

Decent experience. I went in before a show at LPAC across the street. They were busy and I sat at the bar. I ordered something that would be quick and easy. I had 1 hour before the show. Meat and cheese tray. It came out in 15 minutes but sat behind the bar because my guess is they didn’t know where it belonged. A few other people passed by it and hovered over it. The lady that took my order was serving tables so I wasn’t sure why she jumped on my order when I arrived because the guy behind the bar was very attentive to his bar top guest. It was in the middle of a very busy moment for them so I can understand. My appetizer sat behind the bar for at least another 5 minutes when the lady table top server finally returned. A little miss managed. I’ll return. The wine was great. The meat and cheese tray is amazing. I usually go in when it’s much much slower.

Britney V.

Tu valoración: 3
Lancaster, CA

Cute little place. I went for my best friend’s birthday dinner. Small — the tables are close together… reminds me of a tiny Fresco’s II. I’m not sure if it was just because of where I was sitting, but the waitresses kept bumping into me/​knocking my purse off my chair and I had to physically get up to move my table to give them more room. There was a man playing the saxophone/piano/singing…it was nice, but too loud. Our waitress was sweet and helpful. The wine was tasty and dinner was delicious. I was particularly impressed with their rice/​salad. Very good. I will come back, but probably on a week night because It seems that the weekend nights are cramped/​busy.
Overall good.

Valerie E.

Tu valoración: 3
Lancaster, CA

Service was OK, though we did have a pretty long wait for everything. I was pretty disappointed because I chose to go here on date night (that one night you get fancied up and go out without kids!!!) And I specifically chose Port d’ Vino’s. Sadly, every wine I wanted they didn’t have any left in stock. Total bummer! No food available either, they said it was too late… Probably won’t go back

Lester T.

Tu valoración: 5
Newton, IA

Visiting in Lancaster on birthday, so did a Google & Unilocal search for crème burlee for family treats. Found this plus more and promptly purchased 12 + some chocolate delicacies for family. These items were packed by a smiling waitress and eaten with expressions of wow, where did you find them? !

(Video) Awkward Silence Does "Brass in Pocket" @ Pour D Vino

Joyanne B.

Tu valoración: 4
Camarillo, CA

Nice place. It was our first time and the staff was sweet. Need to give a few lil suggestions.
Salad was perfect size, before meal, taste was very good.
The filet was very nice, a lil under cooked, but very nice.
The green beans were over grilled and depleted of any crunch. Maybe change is warranted to sautéed green beans with EVOO and garlic. Green beans should have a slight crunch and and elegant presence.
Mashed potatoes had great flavor but a lil dry. Add a tiny bit of half and half to add creamy texture and flavor.
The bread, that comes with dinner, should actually be served with the salad, not the main course.
The crème brûlée was outstanding and a perfect end.
We plan on coming back and would like to see these few lil changes made. If so, I will have to give a solid 5. Food portions were perfect size.
Trust an Italian cook when they give advice!

Rouben S.

Tu valoración: 5
Palmdale, CA

Awesome food!!! Good atmosphere. Had the pork shanks with awesome chutney. MUST HAVE!!!

Sean B.

Tu valoración: 4
Palmdale, CA

Let me start by saying I applaud this restaurant and it’s attempt to being a top level restaurant. The bones are there. Just some tweaking would put it over the top.
Location– great date night venue. Patio out front or up on second floor patio. Inside is good if you don’t want to chat but rather enjoy the musical talent playing soft jazz. Good vibe either way.
Service Staff — Greeted right away and confirmed 7pm reservation (recommend Fri/​Sat). Waitress– great effort but to be offering a wine list as your namesake, either employ a sommelier or educate the staff better. In her defense, she was very attentive and apologetic. We ordered the house chardonnay and white flight then a bottle of the Wilson Crusher 2012.
Food — we started with the wine and cheese flight — no one able to expand on the wines selected for the flight by 5he bartender (?). Unassuming but went well with the wines. We moved to the Ahi appetizer. Perfectly seared and placed with grace across the greens. The red sauce was like a heat infused cocktail sauce. Not sure about red sauce on seared ahi. The aioli was nice. A few more spots of that and take the red away. Overall starter and cheese a 3.75 to 4.0.
We were then served a perfectly sized dinner salad. Thinly sliced parmesan bits olives and nice greens were beautifully mixed. Nice transition to the entrees.
Main course — My wife and I both chose filet mignon (I asked if the Planked Salmon was Sockeye but it was never confirmed so I went with tried and true filet). I added shrimp as their «surf and turf» offering. The filet was done perfectly with a nice port sauce yet the shrimp brought the whole enter down to mediocrity. the shrimp was more of a 2126 ct size as opposed to a 68ct size. The shrimp sauce did not go at all with the filet. It would have been better received with 3 tiger shrimp and broiled. Mashed potatoes were put in a mold as an attempt to fancy them up but it was not needed. Nice flavor. The right amount of salt and the asparagus tops across were nice as well. The steaks were ordered mid-​range but they sat a little longer and we’re presented medium. I believe this was nothing g to do with the back of the house rather the front was a little scattered so it sat.
Wrapping up with the dessert — Cheesecake wraps with a berry drizzle were light and airy. A definite winner in my book (I convinced the four women next to us to order it as well).
Suggestions — change the waitress attire from workout leggings and tennis shoes to something a touch more presentable when people are spending 175.00 for dinner with jazz playing and wine being poured.
When dessert is being ordered, suggest a dessert wine or cappuccino, espresso or coffee. — We were there 2.5 to 3 hours.
When someone requests a to go box, your staff should ask to remove the plate and do it in the kitchen for the customer. We were simply brought a box. Again — touches to set a higher standard.
Finally — when seating guests and staff is asked fir water, ask if they would like to order sparkling by the bottle or if flat in the carafe is acceptable. (I had to ask if Sole or Pellegrino were available — I ordered the Sole))
Overall experience was 4.25. Could have easily been 4.75 or 5.00 with some slight touches. We’ll be back.

Ruth K.

Tu valoración: 3
Altadena, CA

It was the owner Jason greeting us upon arrival, and he described how he had built up the business over the years and he talked about a nice area upstairs (but I didn’t check it out on this visit). He served us throughout the meal and was very nice.
Mr. Picky’s first time with Tapas-​style smaller plates … His question was, «Are the tapas plates all THIS small?!», mistaking a tiny bread plate for a serving plate :-)
The fried shrimp were nicely crisp but I would have preferred a regular cocktail sauce for dipping. The artichoke appetizer was different than what I’ve tried elsewhere before, not bad, maybe not my favorite. We both really liked the crab cakes, and felt the «remoulade» served with them as well as the shrimp was a nice thing to accompany the calamari. (Calamari should be very lightly fried, but you can see from my photo that this was way overdone.) In fact, we poured the remainder on the salad and that created a really nice bite. We didn’t have enough of an appetite to order an entrée, but I think we will be back to try more food and will share one then and determine our view of the cuisine.
Loved the choice of background music with John Mayer and other artists, so I think this might be a nice date spot. Overall, I’d say the place has a very nice vibe to it.
More to come…

Alli P.

Tu valoración: 5
Windsor Hills, CA

Gorgeous décor; lovely and friendly owner; great happy hour. I’ll be back for dinner next time I’m in town. This is just what Lancaster needed as opposed to your usual chain restaurant.

Mike C.

Tu valoración: 5
Lancaster, CA

Had date night here the other night and had a great experience. We took a seat outside on the front patio since it was an awesome night. Our waitress Jessica was pretty awesome. First off she calmly shooed away a couple of drunk bastards that wondered over from Kinetic. She was great helping us with some selections from the menu. To drink my wife chose the Balletto pinot noir rose, which she said was very good. I’m not big on wine so I went with one of my regulars, Stella Artois.
For our meal I tried the steak and cheese panini, which was very tasty. The steak was cooked to perfection and blended nicely with the aioli spread. My wife ended up going with the Harvest salad, which was a mistake on her part. It ended up having walnuts which she didn’t see in the description, and she is highly alergic to all nuts. She took one bite and spit it out once she noticed. Jessica was quick to replace the salad with another one without nuts. It came out rather quickly.
For desert we tried the deep fried cheesecake which was very good. I guess you can deep fry anything and it will come out awesome!
Overall we had a great experience and will definitely be back again.

John V.

Tu valoración: 5
Long Beach, CA

Candace is fantastic,
I’m a beer drinker but after coming here I wanted to be a wine aficionado!
Great vibe, music, service and of course wine!
I came here with my wife because she won free tix to a tasting, I tried like hell to get out of it, but man I’m glad her compadres flaked out.
I had a great time, met folks and spoke to people that I most of the time wouldn’t hold conversations with (not because I don’t like them but I’m a baseball hat kinda guy and their more golf hat, you get me?).
I digress, the meat and cheese platter is an excellent choice to compliment any wine serving of your choice. The spreads they have for the tastings are excellent as well. I’m wishing I was there now.
Listen, you will not be disappointed with this place whether your a professional beer drinker or a wine connoisseur.
If you doubt me try it out and next time I’m in town if you didn’t like it we’ll head over to Kinetic to grab a brew (keep it local my friends, these guys count on people like us!)
Oh I almost forgot, you can also buy a bottle of wine at this establishment and enjoy it while watching a great movie at the Cinema across the way!
Does it get any better?
Let me know.

Gisele L.

Tu valoración: 4
Los Angeles, CA

Love that atmosphere and the upstairs seating area. All Day Happy hour Tuesdays with $ 5 wine & appetizers! Great addition to the AV!

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