Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (2023)

Look no further for Norway road trip inspiration. These 18 roads offer simply the best scenic drives in the country, with some added extras.

Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes are specially selected roads that take you through the best scenery Norway has to offer.

Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (1)

Funding from government has enabled improved conditions and facilities along the roads. From passing places to viewpoints and restrooms, the program of improvements will continue through to 2023.

Rest stops and picnic areas are now combined with modern architectural features to make them tourist attractions in themselves.

Planning your trip

Before we get started sharing the 18 routes, there are some things to bear in mind. Firstly, because of their high elevation and poor weather, some of the National Tourist Routes are closed during winter.

Secondly, when factoring how long you’ll need, consider more than the distance. You must factor in plenty of time for rest stops and sightseeing. You’ll be pulling over far more often than you think!

Fjord Region

Aurlandsfjellet – Known as the “Snow Road” due to the steep snow that lines both sides of the road for much of the year, Aurlandsfjellet is one of my favourites on the list. Although, you’ll find me saying that a lot!

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Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (2)

What makes this drive special is the sudden contrast between the mountains, pine forests and the fjord.

Although the road is closed over winter, the modernStegastein viewpoint (pictured above) is open all year round. This offers a spectacular view from650 metres above the Aurlandsfjord.

Gaularfjellet – One of the lesser known routes, the Gaulerfjellet roadskirts the epic Sognefjord before snaking its way up a mountain.

For the best views, the impressivearchitecture of the Utsikten viewpoint dangles over the edge of said mountain.

Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (3)

The wonderful village of Balestrand on the edge of the Sognefjord is the perfect place to start the trip. You’ll want to spend some time here as it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind.

For some of the route, you’ll follow a watercourse that changes from a calm river to wild rapids, with some spectacular waterfalls thrown in too. For the best experience, plan some time to park the car and explore the area on foot.

Geiranger-Trollstigen – The elevenhairpin bends of Trollstigen is one of Norway's most famous sights, yet this is just one end of the route. The scenic route continues all the way to the Geirangerfjord. This is Norwegian nature at its most dramatic.

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Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (4)

Highlights along the way include theGudbrandsjuvet gorge and the award-winning Juvet Landscape Hotel.

Once you’ve arrived at Geiranger, it’s all about the views across the water. Ørnesvingen and Flydalsjuvet are two of the famous viewpoints. Unfortunately famous also means busy, so bring plenty of patience!

Hardanger – A romantic drive past the bright orchards that line the Hardangerfjord. Take in several of the country's most visually impressive waterfalls, buy fruit from local farmers at theHesthamar rest area, then take a walk to theStone Cross monument and beach.

Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (5)

Hardangervidda – The drive across northern Europe's largest mountain plateau is one you won't forget in a hurry. Weather on the plateau can change quickly and the road is kept open for most of the winter thanks to snowploughs and convoy driving. The steep scenicMåbødalen valley and fjordside village of Eidfjord are other highlights.

Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (6)

Jæren – The coastal landscape of Jæren, Norway's agricultural heartland, is the main attraction of this drive between Ogna and Bore. The long sandy beaches are perfect for picnics, slow walks or just pure relaxation.

Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (7)

Gamle Strynefjellsvegen – Built in the latter part of the 19th century, the old road from Skjåk to Strynfeatures old stone masonry and long rows of guard stones. A high point of the drive is theVidefossen waterfall, which people have been visiting for as long as the road has been open.

Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (8)

Ryfylke – A diverse, beautiful landscape of high mountains, forested hillsides and deep fjords. At the southern end of the road is the Lysefjord, which is home to the world-famous natural attractionsPreikestolen and the Kjerag boulder.

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Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (9)

Sognefjellet – Rising to 1,434 metres in theJotunheimen mountain range, Sognefjellet is northern Europe’s highest mountain pass.A vital connection between the west coast and inland areas, the road facilitated the transport of salt and fish eastwards, with butter, pitch and leather going west.

Snow keeps the snow closed during the winter, but when it reopens in the spring you can drive along the road with banks of snow up to ten metres either side.

Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (10)

The Atlantic Road – One of the most famous roads in the world, let alone Norway. As an engineering project it is a marvel yet there is some artistic merit too as the road elegantly hops and weaves its way across a series of islets and skerries, to link the island of Averøy with the mainland. Fishing and birdwatching are popular activities here.

Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (11)

Central Norway

Rondane – The towering mountains along the eastern edge of Rondane National Park are hard to ignore. For the best vantage point, visit the Sohlbergplassen viewing platform at Atnsjøen. The architect wanted to recreate the atmosphere from the1914 painting “Winter's Night in Rondane”.

Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (12)

Valdresflye – In the very centre of Norway, the spectacular Valdresflye offers open mountain landscape that's only possible to drive through outside of the long winter.

Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (13)

Northern Norway

Helgelandskysten – At 433km and featuring six ferries, the Helgeland coastal road is the longest of the 18 Norwegian Scenic Routes. Unlike many of the routes the terrain is flat and therefore perfect for cycle trips.

Crossing the Arctic Circle is a highlight for many, whilethe stone-vault bridge and sandy brach at the Storvika bay rest area is a picturesque spot and ideal for camper vans.

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Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (14)

Lofoten – The main road through the dramatic Lofoten archipelago, the E10 from Svolvær to Å is my favourite road trip in all of Norway. Allow three times as long as you think you'll need because around every corner is another mountain, fishing village or beach just begging to be photographed.

Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (15)

Andøya – The island of Andøya at the northern end of the Vesterålen archipelagooffers a pleasant alternative to the busier Lofoten islands. This scenic route hugs the western coastline and leads to the long sandy beach at Bleik. There's also views out toBleiksøya island, which is home to thousands of puffins and a colony of sea eagles.

Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (16)

Senja – Between Lofoten/Vesterålen and Tromsø, the island of Senja is known for its steep mountains that plunge deep into the ocean.

Husøy island in the Øyfjord is home to a few hundred permanent inhabitants and an active fishing community. Visit theBergsbotn viewpoint for the route's best view of theBergsfjord and surrounding mountains.

Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (17)

Havøysund – If you're heading to theNorth Cape, consider a detour out to Havøysund. The lack of trees gives you a feeling of driving along a mountain plateau yet the road hugs the rugged coastline of the Arctic coastline.

Known for its deep sea fishing and a stop on the Hurtigruten coastal route, the surprisingly active village ofHavøysund marks the end of the route.

Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (18)

Varanger – Few international tourists make it as far as Varanger, situated close to the north-eastern border with Russia.

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Popular with bird-watchers due to the number of rare and unique species found here, Varanger is also home to reindeer (often on the road itself!) and a landscape ofbirch woods, marshland and rugged cliffs.

Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (19)

Whether you're planning a Norwegian road trip or just dreaming of travel, I hope you enjoyed this look at Norway's 18 National Tourist Routes. If you use Pinterest, here's an image especially optimised for you. Enjoy!

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Driving Norway's 18 National Scenic Routes (20)


How long does it take to drive the length of Norway? ›

The Complete Norway Route - 10-day driving tour of Norway

It's 10 days-long, and starts and ends in Bergen From here you'll wind your way through Geirangerfjord, the gorgeous Balestrand region and pretty Loen.

Can you drive the Norwegian fjords? ›

Driving through the fjords of Norway is an adventure and you should be prepared for narrow roads and steep inclines. I enjoyed travelling through the fjords by car and will do it again. It is easy, enjoyable and gives you the feeling of a total freedom.

Is it easy driving in Norway? ›

Plus driving in Norway is really easy, as the roads are all well-maintained and there's very little traffic. Of course the bad news is, it's still going to be expensive. What is this? At least, a car rental in Norway is going to cost more than rentals in southern Europe where you can get a car for like $50 per week.

Does Google Maps have scenic routes? ›

Take the scenic route

You can ask Google Maps to take more of a meandering route to your destination. First, do a standard Google Maps location search—tap the blue navigation button near the bottom of the screen, and make sure the “from” and “to” fields are filled out correctly.

How do I plan a 2 month road trip? ›

Here are the guidelines to determine how many stops you can make.
  1. Plan to do no more than 2 stops a week. This is going to reduce the risk of travel stress. ...
  2. Drive no more than 600 miles a day. ...
  3. Take appropriate breaks for kids in car seats. ...
  4. Leave time for exploration.

Is it worth renting a car in Norway? ›

Renting a car is one of the best ways to explore Norway and allows the flexibility to explore the country at your leisure. We've driven 4,000km through the country and explored its Fjordlands, UNESCO's, hiking trails, and experienced everything the country had to offer, all of which was possible with our rental car.

Do you need 4x4 in Norway? ›

Cars will likely be manual and you don't necessarily need a 4x4 on Norway's roads. The first day you will likely want to chill out after your long-haul flight and so checking into a hotel when you arrive is a good idea. Oslo is the capital of Norway and is a beautiful city.

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